Rotary Cam Switch
  • General : S Series switches are manually operated, rotary action, air break type, rugged in construction, compact in size of 35mm dia, assembled on modular construction.
  • Rating: 6 Amps & 10A 250-440 V for for AC 50Hz system.
  • Wire Clamp Size : 2.5 sq.MM.
  • Range:
    These switches are available :
    Standard Switches
    - 8 operating positions and as many no of poles
    - Reversing with Off
  • Temperature : Not exceeding 55°C ambient.
  • Life : Design Features of Cam Switches S Series offer mechanical life of over million operations. Long electrical life is assured but however, is determined by factors like current/voltage operations, Frequency, type of load, duty, etc.

  • Technical Specification - 6A & 10A / 440 VAC Rotary Cam Switches.
AC Rating Code Unit S6 S10
Rated Operational Current (le)
A 6 10
Isolating Voltage upto (Uiso) V 440 440
Impulse withstand Voltage (Uimp) V 250 250
Rated Uninterrupted Current (lth) KV 3 3
DC Rating A 8 12
DC1   (Power)   48V A 6 10
DC13   (Control)   24V A 4 6
Moving Contact   Butt Contact Silver tipped
Butt Contact
Terminals   Brass Brass
Type of Terminals   Screw Screw
Plating   Nickel Nickel
Mechanical Operations   15000-20000 Opeartions 15000-20000 Opeartions
High Voltage (Between Terminal & from)   2.5 Kv for 1 Min 2.5 KV FOR 1 Min
Insulation Resistance (at 500V. DC)   >20MΩ >20MΩ
Contact resistance ( at 1A , 6A )   < 20mΩ < 20mΩ
Temperature Range   -20oC to 55oC
Specification   IS: 6875 Part III